Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today I got a clean exit from Wipro but it wasn't so easy for me to get this.

For those who dont know about Wipro Technologies, it is an India based MNC and has more than 50,000 employees working for it. It is the top 3 MNC in India. The day I joined Wipro 4.5 years back I was so happy because I got a job in a big company in India. Then in 6 months I got chance to go to abroad on a short term project. Its a different story that they sent me to work on a tool that I have never heard of and my manager expected me to learn and deploy application in 3 months, which was short but somehow I managed. I took it like a learning curve and I was happy. Sooner I received H1 from Wipro, which made me more happy (you can understand, a dream come true).

I was always honest to wipro and I was happy with whatever I was getting. Well the whole honesty started getting fade after spending 2 years with Wipro at Onsite (USA). You must be thinking that its natural, because I must have wanted GC or something like that .... well I would say that it could your perception but seriously I just felt that its not worth to work under a manager who either thinks that we (other team members as well) are stupid or its written somewhere that we are stupid and he thinks he is smartest guy...... Otherwise tell me who wants to change a job when his wife is 8 months pregnant and who wants to drive her 18 hours and in this situation who wants to be out of Medical Insurance for 5 days? well I'm not saying all these because I want to prove something, but I'm telling because its not money that drove to it was something else ...Work culture and attitude of managers.

Lets talk about Work culture:

Before working with Wipro I was working with small organizations and believe me every single day I missed that open environment in Wipro. In Wipro 85% managers are those who spent 10-15 years in wipro and most of them are rude and always in bossing attitude. In India Wipro policy says that you need to serve 10 hrs a day if you fail to do so manager gets alert and so you are. Also if your manager is in the office he expects you to be in office too. I mean if you are leaving office at 6pm and manager is sitting he may ask you "you are leaving so early today?". Well if these bosses come to US they try to create similar environment in US too. They ask people to work day and night. They'll always say that "client wants it today, do it any how", if you did a small mistake they'll make you realize that how big the mistake you have done and client will get angry...bla..bla..bla. Those who have worked with Americans they know it very well that these guys never put pressure on. If you say that I don't know and I need time to learn and fix this issue the understand it and give you the time. Its our manager who makes it worse. I know it depends on person to person and I got chance to work with one of the nice manager in Wipro who is really good in terms of work and culture, I've seen him giving opportunities to the people and explore their strength but as I said people like this in Wipro are very less.


Separation is a big time pain in Wipro. If you are Wiproite and you have got any chance to talk to an HR about separation then you must be knowing what I'm trying to say. HRs are very rude and they reply you only iff you CC to their supervisor, if you did not then don't expect any reply from them. Well as soon as you ask HR about separation that too when you are at onsite, they'll make your life mess. If you ask any "Why?" then they try to show that Wipro has done some kind of compassion ("Ehsaan") on you by sending onsite and if you leave them than it means you are dishonest with Wipro and wipro will have bigg loss because of you and you'll have to fulfill this loss. So I would like to tell these HRs that an employee got paid to do work and Wipro got paid to send them onsite. Just take an example in US, Wipro charges minimum $65/hour (for developers it goes as higher as $120 for Architects and senior consultants) for you to the client and that becomes almost $12000 - $15000 per month for them but they pay you $4000-$5000 per month. Also if you have been to Wipro you must have seen a concept called QPLC which is a bullshit according to me, if you are not billable or company is not performing well in either case you loose your money. And you know what, company keeps you QPLC money for 3 months on the higher interest rate and gets more benefit by investing it but you are loosing your money. Second when they say Bonus … well again a bullshit .. because that they say it is the part of your annual salary, it means if your salary is $60000/year and your bonus is $2000 then they will pay you $58,000 and $2000 is you bonus which will be paid next year so they’ll earn interest on your bonus too. Well this is just one part of the story.

Lets talk about separation. You know what I feel when you get a job in Wipro/TCS/Infy then it means you are going in a Jail where you are not the one who decides when to leave, its company who decided whether they should release you or not. When you join Wipro (I’m talking more about wipro because I don't have experience with TCS/Infy and I have this recent experience with Wipro only) they ask you 2 months/3 month notice period. Now in the policy its written clearly that company can fire anybody with 15days-1 months notice without any reason, also during your notice period Wipro can fire you at any time. Well for me and for others who think similar to me, Wipro has two way policy where Wipro will fire you if it doesnt like you or your work but if you don't like Wipro (or manager) or Wipro's work culture you can’t get out of it whenever you want., you need to work under presure and they’ll (Managers) torture you mentally.

I give you an example how they torture you based on my personal experience. When I gave notice to my manager it was for one month. Now in one month he asked me to finish work which is worth of 4 months, which is next to impossible. He said that I should have told him my intention of leaving 2 months back so that he can search someone to replace me. Tell me does anyone give notice even before you get the actual offer letter? sounds stupid, isn't it? The day I was leaving he was expecting me to complete a document, even though he knows that I'm leaving and doing apartment cleanup and even when I was driving to the new place ( which was 18 hrs away from my place) he called me and asked me to complete it.........Other thing that tortured me is the Knowledge know where ever I was before Wipro they had a policy that once they got notice they tried to get somebody within a week so that KT should start and it should end smoothly. But here for for three weeks I did not hear anything about KT and at the end I blast that I could not stay more than 4 weeks they arranged somebody in last week and were expecting me to transfer my 7 months of worth knowledge to the new guy....I had done so many good things for the project and performed more than the client's expectations but the day I was leaving my manager who sits next to me he didn't even say "Good Bye, best of luck ...etc" which turned me off and I felt really bad about this lower standard culture.

Notice period:

This is one of the step mother policy in Wipro for those who come onsite from offshore, you have to serve 2 months notice if not then pay $10000 for LD….but those who are recruited in USA they need to serve 2 weeks of notice and there is no LD…..isn’t it funny? When you talk to HR they say that you have done liquidity damage, you have gained so much of knowledge and you can not go like this. Tell me what about a guy who is recruited at onsite, if he is in a project since beginning and he leaves with 2 weeks notice then wont it be a Liquidity Damage?? Well now go with the HR way and lets assume those who come to onsite and leave Wipro are dishonest because wipro has spent too much on you but what about serving 2-3 year at onsite in Wipro and giving wonderful projects to wipro and give Wipro a profit in Millions….even if a guy did such a wonderful job in Wipro he wants to leave he’ll have to go through with all this bullshits and then it hurts because even after giving all these to Wipro, Wipro gives back what?? mental tension at the end.

Believe me it all my real experience and I had a big time fight to get a clean exit with the 4 weeks of notice instead of 2 months and during this time Wipro simply forgot that they won 3 projects with my presentation during my stay in US....... Its sad and it hurts me allot